AirServer App’s crew goes above and beyond to guarantee that their readers get the greatest articles every day. They encourage one another to do their best and work as a team just for the benefit of their reader. Meet our team.

Ethan Allen – Founder

Ethan Allen studied at various renowned institutes and finally set out to fulfill his own dreams merely at the age of 27 years. Not many platforms are set up with the vision of truly enhancing the lives of the users. Thus, Ethan always stands out in the league of founders.

He has been truly innovative in bringing so many people and resources to put together this modern-day platform AirServer App. Acting as an umbrella, this platform satisfies multiple needs of users and Ethan strives to make it more and more useful for common users. He has always maintained how the utility of his platform is his priority and not the other clutter. 

Eleanor Martinez – Writer

Statistics play a crucial role on the internet today. And Eleanor Martinez is someone who understands statistics in and out. She has been a student and researcher who has worked with statistics for over six years now.

After completing her research project at Yale University, she took a break from academic life and wanted to somehow contribute to the real world. She took up this role at AirServer App as it would give her the perfect opportunity to do two things she loves the most: statistics and writing. 

Aldric Ragsdill – Writer

A true social media expert is someone who knows all the troubles that an average user goes through. Aldric Ragsdill is exactly that kid, he has grown up with technology. He is on the internet through almost all his waking days and understands social media as no one else could.

He also earned a bachelor’s degree in this field and has worked with several renowned companies, and believe it or not all of this at the age of 23 years only. Currently, he has taken up his role at AirServer App to focus on generating content that can significantly impact and improve the lives of people and their relationships with social media.