How To Keep Goggles From Fogging Up


Goggles are an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of activities, from swimming and skiing to woodworking and scientific experimentation. But one common issue many people face is that goggles tend to fog up, reducing visibility and causing frustration. This fogging happens due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the goggles, causing condensation to form on the inside surface, there are various types of goggles available such as motocross goggles, Scuba Diving Goggles, and more. Here’s an in-depth look at several strategies to prevent fogging in your goggles.

Steps To Keep Goggles From Fogging Up

Use Anti-Fog Sprays and Solutions

1. Commercial Anti-Fog Sprays

Anti-Fog Spray

These are readily available and specifically designed to prevent fogging on glass or plastic surfaces. Simply spray it on the inside of your goggles and gently wipe with a soft cloth.

2. Homemade Solutions

A mixture of water and dish soap can be applied to the inside of the goggles, left to dry, and then gently buffed off. This creates a thin film that reduces fogging.

Try Anti-Fog Wipes

There are wipes available that are infused with anti-fog chemicals. Just like the sprays, these are designed to be wiped on the inside surface of the goggles to create a fog-resistant layer.

Proper Ventilation

Ensuring that your goggles have good ventilation can help reduce fogging. Some goggles come with built-in ventilation systems, or you can choose a style that fits more loosely to allow better airflow.

Consider Goggle Design and Fit

Sometimes, the design and fit of the goggles themselves contribute to fogging. Look for goggles that are labeled as “anti-fog” or have double-pane designs, which act as an insulator against temperature changes.

Use a Wet Saliva Technique

While not the most elegant solution, many swimmers use this technique. By licking the inside of the goggles or spitting into them and then rinsing briefly, you create a temporary barrier against fogging.

Keep Them Dry and Clean

Avoid touching the inside of your goggles with your fingers, as oils and dirt can remove any anti-fog coating. Always keep them dry when not in use, and consider storing them in a well-ventilated case.

Temperature Regulation

When using goggles in cold weather, try to acclimate them to the outdoor temperature before putting them on. This minimizes the temperature difference that leads to fogging.

Use a Potato

This traditional trick involves cutting a potato in half and rubbing it on the inside of the goggles. The starches create a film that can reduce fogging. Make sure to wipe away any excess moisture or residue.


Fogging in goggles can be an annoying problem, but there are many ways to prevent it. Experimenting with these methods to find what works best for your particular goggles and activity will ensure a clear and unobstructed view. Remember, proper care and storage are equally important in maintaining the anti-fog properties of your goggles, so treat them with care and they’ll serve you well.

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