How to Unreport a Post on Instagram? (Everything You Need to Know)


Accidentally reported a post on Instagram and now want to know how to undo it? While Instagram’s report feature ensures a clean environment for users by keeping inappropriate content away, sometimes it makes you rethink your decision. So, if you have accidentally or purposely reported something and are now curious to know how to unreport a post on Instagram, don’t fret! This guide will help you out with all the queries you have in mind.

How to Unreport a Post on Instagram?

So, can you unreport a post on Instagram? Unfortunately, the answer is No. Once reported, you cannot unreport content as the app has no feature to undo it. However, the good news is that Instagram doesn’t delete or take down content after a single report (as it can be a mistake just like in your case). Once the report ticket is generated, it undergoes a review process by the Instagram team to check if it is actually violating any policy to take it down. So, don’t worry. If you have accidentally reported someone’s content that has nothing inappropriate or worth reporting, Instagram will not take it down as the post won’t get sufficient reports

How to withdraw an intellectual property violation report submitted previously or by mistake?

However, if you have submitted an intellectual property violation report for other content on Instagram and now after making a settlement with that person, you want to unreport it, you can do it. To withdraw your report, mail the support team at and share your report number for reference. Also, mention the reason why you want to withdraw your intellectual property violation report from someone’s content. After reviewing your application, the support team will withdraw your report and restore the content in case it is deleted. However, in some scenarios, the deleted content cannot be restored by the team, if:
  • There are certain technical limitations
  • Or Instagram has deleted the post due to some other reasons apart from the Intellectual policy violation.

How to check the status of reported posts by you on Instagram?

If you want to check the report status, first, log into your Instagram account from which you have reported and follow these steps:
  1. Click on your profile icon at the bottom right to check reported posts status on Instagram - Step 1
  2. Tap on the three-line icon at the top right corner and click on the “Settings” to check reported posts status on Instagram - Step 2
  3. Scroll down to find the “Help” option and tap on it to access all the help to check reported posts status on Instagram - Step 3
  4. Scroll down to look for the “Support Requests” to check reported posts status on Instagram - Step 4
  5. Tap on the “Reports” option. Here you can find all the posts you have reported with their current status. Select the one you wish to check. However, you might find only the recently-reported posts and not all the posts from the to check reported posts status on Instagram - Step 5

How long does Instagram take to remove a reported post?

Instagram decides no fixed time for the removal of a reported post. Sometimes it takes days, and sometimes it is done instantly, depending upon the nature of the post and its violation. Once the team reviews the reported post and deletes it if it violates any content or community guidelines, you get notified about it in your support requests. Once you report a post, the app immediately hides it from your feed till the time they review and take action upon it. If you want a post to get turned down soon, you can ask more people to report it so the team can work on it on a priority basis.

Under what circumstances should you report a post on Instagram?

Now, when you know there is no option to unreport a picture on Instagram, you should use the report option very carefully and only when required. You should report someone’s content on Instagram only when it violates any content or community guidelines under the following circumstances:
  • If it harasses, insults or bullies any community in any manner, it is not limited to only sexual, race, gender or religious harassment.
  • It spreads false, fake or misleading information.
  • Content that not be suitable for all ages or certain ages of people, like nudity or abusive words
  • Duplicate content that violates the intellectual property guidelines
  • Glorifies or encourages violence, self-harm or suicide in any manner


1. What happens when you report a post on Instagram?

When you report a post on Instagram, it gets submitted to its support center for further review and action. The post hides from your timeline until the support team works on it. Once it receives enough reports for violating any guidelines, it gets removed permanently, and you get notified about it.

2. Can you see the post in your Instagram feed once you report it?

No, you cannot see the post in your feed on Instagram once you report it because it automatically hides from your timeline, believing that you don’t want to see it anymore. However, if the team does not take it down, you can find that post in that person’s account or page.

3. Does Instagram reveal your identity to the person whose posts you are reporting?

No, the reporting on Instagram is completely anonymous, and your identity isn’t revealed to the violator.

4. How to report a comment on Instagram?

To report a comment on Instagram, follow these steps:
  • Go to the post and click on the comment icon.
  • Now hold on to the comment you want to report and tap on the exclamation mark on the top of the screen. On your iPhone, swipe left over the comment.
  • Click on the “report this comment” option, and it will be submitted to the Instagram support center.


The report feature on any social media platform is designed to keep the environment safe and comfortable for users. Thus you should only use it when appropriate as you cannot unreport it easily. However, if you have accidentally reported someone on Instagram, you can write a mail to the support team to raise your concern, so they don’t take any action on that profile. For any queries related to it, get in touch with us in the comments!

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