How to Send Google Form Notifications to Slack

It doesn’t matter why you want to send Google form submissions to slack, it could be because you want to pass the lead to your cold-calling team or it could be to send bug fixes to your developer, if you’re looking for a solution then, here’s a simple guide that’ll enable you do that.

There are two ways to send your submissions to your slack, one is creating an internal-add on that’ll retrieve submissions (real-time) and connect it with an internal slack app you’ve developed and automate it or use an existing solution that does it. The former requires you to hire Google workspace developer and the latter just requires you to install an add-on and connect it with your internal slack app (which is quite easy.)

How to Send Google Form Notifications & Submissions to Slack

In this article, I’ll be using the latter approach I mentioned above (the Google addon) because it is easier, efficient, and would take less than 5 minutes. Also, using this method, you’ll also be able to send notifications to an individual or a channel on your organization’s slack. In fact, you can also customize the submission (basically adding hashtags to sort things when needed.) Below are the steps:

  1. Install the SlackQ Add-on from Google Workspace (this add-on enables you connect Google Forms to your Slack’s webhook) which shall enable sending notifications/submissions as soon as the form is filled (real-time)
  2. Accept all the permissions needed. (You can review all the permissions, during my tests, I didn’t find them taking any unnecessary permissions)
  3. Create a webhook on Slack (follow the steps in this video)
  4. Enter the Slack webhook in the add-on’s screen.
  5. Modify the message depending on what details you want.
  6. Send a test message, if you get a message, then your setup has worked.
  7. Now you can start sending the forms, you’ll get notifications/submissions on your Slack in real-time (minor 5-7 second delay)

That’s it, you’ve finally setup Google Form notifications to your Slack. In case you’re having any trouble, you can comment below, I’ll help you with the solution. In case you’re feeling a technical difficulty or want a custom feature, then contact Xurj’s team and they’ll help you with it.

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