How to Collect Payments using Google Forms

I recently met one business owner who uses Google Forms to collect data from people. Although, he was able to get people to fill the form, he had to contact them later to collect payments. He’s not a tech-friendly person so asked me if there was a way to collect payments using Google Form. I did some research and found out that collecting payments via Google Forms isn’t a straightforward process, but it is achievable. That’s why I did some research and figured out a way to collect payments using Google Forms. If you’re going through a similar problem and are looking for a solution, then this post should help you. One of the best ways is to use a Google App script by Payable Inc. The service is a premium service which allows people to link Google Forms to Payment Gateways like PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, etc. However, depending on your subscription with them, they might charge a small-fee. Here are the exact steps that I followed to be able to collect payments using Google Forms:
  1. Install the Payable Forms Add-on from Google WorkSpace (Link)
  2. While installing, the app would require you to sign-in using Google account (use the Google account on which you’ll be creating the forms) and allow all the required permissions.
  3. Go to Google Forms, create a new Google Form.
  4. You’ll see a puzzle icon on the top of the form builder. Click on it and select the option “Payable Form”
  5. After selecting it, click on “Make this form Payable”, a small installation popup would load.
  6. Now the Payable add-on has been installed on the form, now it’ll show a chat like screen on the right hand side. Click on it and choose the subscription option you’re looking for.
  7. Once you’ve chosen the subscription style you need, just drag the option that’s well-suited for your needs.
  8. Once you’ve added the subscription section, click on “connect payment provider” on the right hand side of the screen. Connect the Payment provider you’re using to collect payments and complete your form.
  9. That’s it, now you can send in the form to anyone and start collecting payments from them.
You’ll also get the payment tracking details in the sheet, this way you can find out the people who’ve paid you the subscription fee and the ones who are yet to pay. You can use a service like MailMerge to email the people who haven’t completed the payment.

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