10 Best Apps to Measure Fever


When it comes to measuring fever accurately, there are several apps available that provide convenient and reliable solutions. One of the top-rated apps is “Fever Tracker,” an intuitive tool that allows users to monitor their temperature effortlessly. With this app, users can input their temperature readings and track their fever over time, helping them keep a record for better analysis.

Additionally, Fever Tracker provides personalized recommendations for fever management, such as suggested medications and home remedies, ensuring users have comprehensive guidance during their illness.

1. Withings Thermo

One of the best apps for measuring and managing fever is withings thermo – Smart Fever Management. This app provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for tracking and analyzing temperature data. Thermo utilizes a smart thermometer device that connects to the app via Bluetooth, allowing real-time temperature readings to be securely recorded and monitored.

Withings thermo offers advanced features such as temperature history graphs, which visually display fluctuations in temperature over time. This enables users to identify patterns and trends in their fever, allowing for better symptom management and communication with healthcare providers.

App Features

  • Medicine tracking: Record the medications taken and their timing to understand their impact on temperature and dosage needs.
  • Comments: Add relevant notes concerning temperature or illness for better understanding and reference.
  • Photos: Capture images to document symptoms or overall progress by selecting from the phone’s gallery or taking new pictures.
  • Additional features of the Thermo app:
  • Reminders: Set temperature measurement reminders at specific times or intervals throughout the day.
  • Manual Temperature: Enter temperature readings manually if you don’t have a Thermo device or wish to add extra measurements.

  • Accurate temperature measurement with smart thermometer device
  • Graphical representation of temperature trends for better analysis
  • Integration with other health tracking apps and devices
  • Customizable temperature alerts for timely notifications


  • Limited functionality without the Thermo device
  • Reliance on Bluetooth connection for communication with the device

2. Temperature Diary

The Temperature Diary app is a powerful tool for individuals looking to track and manage their temperature readings effectively. With its user-friendly interface, this app provides an easy and intuitive way to record temperature measurements.

Users can input their temperature readings in a diary-style format, allowing them to keep track of their fever progression over time. This feature proves especially beneficial for individuals with chronic illnesses or those aiming to monitor their body temperature closely.

App Features

  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Works with or without registration
  • Manual entry or automatic upload of temperature measurements from compatible Bluetooth thermometers
  • Fever tracking during illness
  • Measurement history and trend graphs
  • Support for Fahrenheit or Celsius units
  • Offline data storage on the device (if used without registration)
  • Ability to create separate profiles for family members (registered users)

  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Manual or automatic temperature measurement entry
  • Record and view measurement history and trends in graphs
  • Option to create separate profiles and backup data to the MedM Health Cloud


  • App does not provide the functionality of a thermometer
  • Limited compatibility with non-Bluetooth thermometers

3. FeverCheck

The FeverCheck app is a valuable tool designed to assist individuals in monitoring and managing their fevers effectively. With its user-friendly interface, this app provides a simple and intuitive way to track body temperature readings.

Users can quickly and easily input their temperature measurements, allowing them to keep a detailed record of their fever progression over time. This feature is particularly useful for individuals wishing to monitor their temperature trends or when recovering from an illness.

App Features

  • Diary recording of body temperature using an external fever meter
  • Input field for recording symptoms of illness
  • Warning notification if body temperature exceeds 37.5°C
  • Diary recording of personal contacts
  • Data logged with current date and time stamp
  • Data stored locally on the smartphone
  • App can serve as proof of self-control for employers and health authorities
  • Option to export data through a separate function.

  • Warning notification for high body temperature
  • Ability to record personal contacts for contact tracing purposes
  • Data is securely logged with date and time stamp
  • App serves as proof of self-control for employers and health authorities


  • Requires an external fever meter for accurate temperature readings
  • Limited storage capacity as data is only stored on the smartphone

4. Body Temperature

Body temperature refers to the measure of the heat produced and maintained by the human body. It plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological processes and can serve as an indicator of overall health.

The normal body temperature for adults is typically around 98.6°F (37°C), although slight variations may occur depending on factors such as age, gender, time of day, and activity level. Monitoring body temperature is essential in assessing and managing various health conditions, including fever, infections, and heat-related illnesses.

App Features

  • Track body temperature on a mobile device
  • Export reports for personal use
  • Track body temperature
  • Add symptoms and medications
  • Measure temperature with Apple Watch S8 / Ultra and save data in the app
  • View graphs and statistics
  • Export status to PDF
  • Check temperature using a thermometer and access detailed fever-related statistics

  • Convenient tracking of body temperature and recording of symptoms and medications.
  • Compatibility with Apple Watch S8 / Ultra for temperature measurement.
  • Provides visual representation of data through graphs and statistics.
  • Offers the ability to export status reports to PDF.


  • Estimation of fever symptoms may not be as accurate as using a thermometer.
  • Limited compatibility with specific smartwatch models.

5. iThermonitor

The iThermonitor is an innovative wearable thermometer that revolutionizes temperature monitoring. This device is designed to be worn on the body, providing a continuous and real-time measurement of body temperature. With its sleek and compact design, the iThermonitor offers comfort and convenience, making it ideal for all age groups, including infants, children, and adults.

The device wirelessly connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing users to monitor their temperature trends and receive alerts when fever spikes occur.

App Features

  • Temperature Trend Chart combining temperature chart and fever-related events
  • Ability to connect multiple iThermonitor sensors to one smartphone
  • 24/7 monitoring with temperature data collected every 4 seconds and developed into a temperature chart
  • High temperature alert for real-time notification of abnormal temperature
  • Professional data analysis of body temperatures in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Access to Fever Management Information framework (Thermia) from Boston Children’s Hospital

  • User-friendly interface with temperature analysis and trend charts
  • High temperature alerts for immediate action
  • Professional data analysis through collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Access to Fever Management Information framework for reliable fever tips.


  • Requires the use of iThermonitor sensor for temperature monitoring
  • Reliance on Bluetooth connection for data synchronization

6. Body Temperature Fever Diary

The Body Temperature Fever Diary is a comprehensive app designed to assist individuals in tracking and managing body temperature during fever episodes. With its user-friendly interface, this app allows users to record and monitor their temperature readings effectively. Users can log their temperature measurements at regular intervals, enabling them to keep a comprehensive diary of their fever progression over time.

This feature is particularly useful for individuals with chronic illnesses or those who need to closely monitor their body temperature for health reasons.

App Features

  • High level data protection
  • No registration required
  • Offline mode for use without internet connection
  • Beautiful design for a pleasant user experience
  • Quick and easy capture of body temperature and pulse data
  • Ability to add tags to data, such as medications
  • Intuitive diary for tracking body temperature and pulse

  • No registration needed for quick and easy use.
  • Offline mode allows usage without internet connection.
  • Beautiful design enhances user experience.
  • Extensive diagrams and statistics for comprehensive data tracking.


  • Limited customization options for data entry.
  • App may lack advanced features found in other similar applications.

7. iCelsius

iCelsius is a versatile temperature monitoring system that combines a digital thermometer with a mobile app, allowing users to measure and track temperature accurately. The iCelsius device connects to the audio jack of a smartphone or tablet, transforming it into a high-precision thermometer.

The accompanying mobile app provides real-time temperature readings, making it suitable for various applications such as measuring body temperature, monitoring environmental conditions, or checking the temperature of liquids and objects. With a wide temperature range and an accuracy of up to 0.1°C, iCelsius ensures reliable and precise measurements for both personal and professional use.

App Features

  • Live Display of temperature data
  • Graphs with touch support for pan and zoom
  • Alarms to notify when temperature exceeds user-defined limits
  • Snapshot Record capability to save single readings with title, picture, and note
  • Continuous Record feature for ongoing temperature tracking with notes, pictures, and graph markers
  • History section to access previous temperature records
  • Recipes function for cooking and barbecue, with preset options and customization.

  • Provides a clear and concise live display of temperature data.
  • Graphs with touch support offer flexibility for analysis and observation.
  • Alarms help maintain temperature within desired limits.
  • Ability to record single readings with additional details for future reference.


  • Requires a physical iCelsius device for temperature measurement.
  • Limited customization options for graph appearance and data display.

8. THermo

The Thermo app is a mobile application that allows users to track and monitor their body temperature. It typically uses a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer device to measure temperature and record the data directly into the app.

With the Thermo app, users can easily measure their temperature and keep a historical record of their readings. The app usually provides a user-friendly interface that displays temperature data in a graph or a list format.

App Features

  • Manual mode: This feature allows users to manually input their temperature readings into the app, even if they do not have a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer device.
  • Automatic mode: With this mode, the Thermo app is synchronized with a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer device.
  • Jolly mode (TH550 only): Designed exclusively for the TH550 thermometer model, the Jolly mode incorporates a unique feature. It enhances the user experience and adds a touch of fun or delight to the temperature measurement process.
  • BOOST mode (TH700 only): Tailored specifically for the TH700 thermometer model, the BOOST mode gives users access to specific enhanced functionalities.

  • Track and analyze temperature trends over time.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and data interpretation.
  • Seamless synchronization with compatible Bluetooth thermometers.
  • Ability to create multiple user profiles for family or group monitoring.


  • Requires a compatible Bluetooth thermometer for full functionality.
  • Inaccuracy in temperature measurements may occur occasionally.

9. Thermometer – Hygrometer

A thermometer-hygrometer is a device that combines the functionality of both a thermometer and a hygrometer in a single instrument. It measures both temperature and humidity levels in the surrounding environment.

This combination is particularly useful in environments where monitoring and maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels are essential, such as greenhouses, wine cellars, or even for personal comfort in homes.

App Features

  • Most accurate temperature readings in Google Play.
  • Real-time temperature corresponding to your precise location worldwide.
  • Accurate wind speed and humidity measurements provided by the hygrometer.
  • Fast location identification and display of outside temperature (not room temperature).
  • Option to display temperature in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Internet connectivity required to receive temperature calculated on meteorological servers.

  • Accurate temperature readings for precise monitoring.
  • Real-time temperature updates for any location worldwide.
  • Inclusion of hygrometer for accurate wind speed and humidity measurements.
  • Quick location identification and display of outdoor temperature.


  • Dependence on internet connectivity for accessing temperature data from meteorological servers.
  • Limited usage for outdoor temperature monitoring, not suitable for indoor room temperature measurements.

10. Thermometer++

Thermometer++ is a mobile application designed to provide precise temperature measurements and weather information. The app offers a wide range of features and functions to enhance the user’s experience.

With Thermometer++, users can get accurate real-time temperature readings for their current location or any location worldwide. The app utilizes advanced algorithms and data from trusted sources to ensure the highest level of accuracy in temperature reporting.

App Features

  • Over 10,000,000 downloads; fast and accurate!
  • Real-time display of outdoor temperature, humidity, and pressure at your location.
  • Weather data sourced from nearby weather stations for accuracy.
  • Option to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements.
  • Location selection using a map interface.

  • Fast and accurate temperature, humidity, and pressure readings.
  • Large user base and popularity indicated by over 10,000,000 downloads.
  • Relies on nearby weather stations for reliable weather data.
  • Flexible temperature unit options with the ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • Limited customization options beyond temperature units and location selection.
  • May require an internet connection to fetch weather data from nearby stations.

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