10 Best Apps For Truckers


Apps for truckers have become essential tools in the modern trucking industry, aiding them in various aspects of their work. One crucial category of apps for truckers is navigation apps. These apps are specifically designed for truckers, taking into consideration the size, weight, and height restrictions of their vehicles.

They provide detailed and accurate routes, ensuring that drivers avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and other obstacles that may hinder their progress. Navigation apps also take into account real-time traffic information, helping truckers optimize their routes and avoid unnecessary delays.

1. Truckstop Go

The Truckstop Go app is a valuable tool for truckers, providing them with a range of essential features to enhance their overall experience on the road. One prominent feature of the app is its comprehensive directory of truck stops across North America.

Truckers can easily locate nearby truck stops and access crucial information like fuel prices, amenities, parking availability, and user reviews. This saves truckers valuable time and ensures they can make informed decisions about where to refuel, rest, and access necessary services.

App Features

  • Live Loads feature for instant access to new loads
  • Filter and save loads based on equipment type and preferences
  • Ability to hide unwanted loads
  • Side-by-side comparison of loads
  • Option to block unwanted brokers
  • Rate Insights for better negotiation power
  • Easy click-to-email and click-to-call communication
  • Book It Now feature to instantly book with trusted brokers
  • Capability to factor loads from anywhere, ensuring a steady cash flow

  • Easy access to new loads.
  • Efficient load filtering options.
  • Enhanced communication features.
  • Instant booking with trusted brokers.


  • Limited free features.
  • App crashes occasionally.

2. AllStays Truck & Travel

AllStays Truck & Travel is a comprehensive app designed specifically for truckers, providing them with a wealth of information and features to assist them on the road. One notable aspect of the app is its extensive directory of truck stops, rest areas, and weigh stations, making it easy for truckers to locate essential amenities and services.

The app provides details on each location, including parking availability, fuel stations, restaurants, and other facilities, giving truckers the information they need for efficient trip planning. Additionally, the app offers detailed information on low clearance bridges, hazmat restrictions, and other road hazards, allowing truckers to navigate safely and avoid potential obstacles.

App Features

  • GPS-based NOAA weather
  • Driver ratings and reviews
  • Search for specific locations on map
  • Automatic loading of points on the map
  • Multiple icons for easier spotting
  • Advanced filters for specific amenities
  • One-touch calling for listed places
  • Turn-by-turn directions

  • Accurate GPS-based weather updates.
  • Helpful driver ratings and reviews.
  • Extensive search options on map.
  • Easy one-touch calling feature.


  • Limited filter customization options.
  • Limited icon variety on map.

3. Audiobooks.com

Audiobooks.com is a popular platform that offers a vast collection of audiobooks, allowing users to enjoy their favorite books in a convenient and immersive format. With a diverse selection spanning various genres and categories, Audiobooks.com offers something for everyone. Users can easily browse through the extensive catalog, which includes bestsellers, classic literature, self-help titles, and much more.

The platform provides a seamless streaming experience, allowing users to listen to audiobooks directly on their preferred device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Audiobooks.com also offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and discover new titles.

App Features

  • Unlimited listening to 10,000+ free titles
  • Audiobooks for all ages
  • Weekly new releases and reimagined favorites
  • Freshly curated recommendations for every listener
  • Explore top genres and featured booklists
  • Personalized recommendations based on engagement
  • Engage with a community of book lovers
  • Share ratings, reviews, and recommendations

  • Vast collection of audiobooks.
  • Unlimited access to free titles.
  • Audiobooks for all ages.
  • Weekly new releases available.


  • Limited selection of otherworldly listens.
  • Free titles may have limited variety.

4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a popular app that provides users with a comprehensive tool to track their calorie intake and effectively manage their nutrition. With a vast database of food items, the app allows users to easily log their meals and monitor their calorie consumption. It not only tracks calories but also provides detailed nutritional information such as macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), vitamins, and minerals.

The app offers a barcode scanner feature that enables users to quickly scan the barcodes on packaged food items, making it effortless to log accurate nutritional data. Additionally, Calorie Counter by FatSecret allows users to set personal goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or general health improvement, and provides customized recommendations and meal plans to help achieve these goals.

App Features

  • Fast and simple to use
  • Integration with external tools and services
  • Food diary with tracking and planning
  • Supportive community for weight loss
  • Image recognition for food tracking
  • Barcode scanner and auto-complete
  • Exercise tracking and diary
  • Diet calendar and weight tracker
  • Detailed reporting and goal setting
  • Photo album for visual tracking
  • Journal for recording progress
  • Reminders for meals, weigh-ins, and journals
  • Notifications for support and feedback

  • Extensive food tracking capabilities.
  • Supportive community for motivation.
  • Image recognition for easy tracking.
  • Multiple login options available.


  • Limited free features available.
  • Some users may find the interface overwhelming.

5. Dock411

Dock411 is a comprehensive app designed to assist truckers in finding and navigating truck stops, warehouses, and other logistics facilities across the United States. The app provides detailed information about each location, such as amenities, parking availability, fuel stations, and more.

Truckers can easily search for specific facilities, view user reviews and ratings, and access crucial details to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Dock411 also enables truckers to contribute their own feedback and insights, helping to create a helpful and up-to-date community resource.

App Features

  • Weight limits information
  • Availability of overnight parking spots
  • Identification of hazards at stops
  • Local directions to navigate efficiently
  • Knowledge of blind side, sight side, or both
  • Guidance on the correct dock doors
  • Understanding of load/unload procedures

  • Detailed weight limit information.
  • Availability of overnight parking.
  • Awareness of hazards at stops.
  • Local directions for efficient navigation.


  • Limited coverage in certain areas.
  • Accuracy of information may vary.

6. Drivewyze

Drivewyze is a cutting-edge software platform that offers a range of innovative solutions for the transportation industry. With their advanced technology, they aim to streamline and simplify the operations of commercial vehicles on the road.

Drivewyze provides a highly efficient weigh station bypass service, allowing eligible trucks to bypass inspection sites and reduce delays while maintaining compliance with safety regulations. This not only saves valuable time for truck drivers but also reduces fuel consumption and overall operating costs.

App Features

  • Automatic detection of weigh station locations
  • Alerts the driver when the vehicle is 2 miles from an inspection site
  • Sends bypass request and notifies the driver to either BYPASS or PULL-IN when the vehicle is one mile away
  • 30-day complementary trial for new users upon sign-up
  • Trial does not auto-renew, subscription required to continue receiving bypasses
  • Payment charged to iTunes Account upon confirmation of purchase
  • Subscription automatically renews every 30 days unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
  • Cancellations can be done through iTunes Account or Manage Subscriptions in the in-app menu

  • Time-saving weigh station bypass
  • Real-time safety alerts
  • Simplified hours of service compliance
  • Automatic location detection


  • Subscription required for continued use
  • Payment charged upon purchase

7. Trucker’s Slide Calc

Trucker’s Slide Calc is a valuable tool designed specifically for truck drivers to calculate the appropriate trailer axle position, also known as the slide to achieve the optimal weight distribution. This mobile app offers a user-friendly interface and a range of useful features to assist truckers in determining the correct slide position based on their load and axle weight limits.

By inputting the necessary information such as the trailer length, load weight, and legal axle weight limits, Trucker’s Slide Calc quickly and accurately calculates the ideal slide position, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and maximizing stability on the road.

App Features

  • Calculate axle weight distribution
  • Suggest slide position based on calculations
  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Counts holes to determine slide position
  • Algorithm simulates axle weights
  • Balances drives and trailers for fuel efficiency
  • Prioritizes legality over perfect balance
  • Auto-suggests hole for legal weight distribution

  • Accurately calculates axle weight distribution
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Provides suggestions for slide position
  • Helps save fuel and money


  • Relies on user-provided weights
  • Limited to trailer axle positioning

8. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic is a highly popular and feature-rich navigation app that offers real-time traffic information and crowd-sourced data to help users navigate efficiently. This app leverages the power of its vast user community, who actively contribute road updates, traffic conditions, and other relevant information.

With Waze, users can enjoy accurate and up-to-date information on accidents, road closures, police presence, and hazards, allowing them to make informed decisions and choose the best routes to reach their destinations quickly. This real-time traffic data is continuously updated, ensuring users have the most current information to avoid congested areas and save valuable time on their journeys.

App Features

  • Traffic-avoiding route updates
  • Awareness of police, speedcams, and redlight cams
  • Accurate ETAs based on live data
  • Real-time updates from other drivers
  • Find the cheapest gas along route
  • See toll pricing and avoid toll roads
  • Sync with Apple CarPlay
  • Live Speedometer with speed alerts

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Avoids tickets with camera locations
  • Accurate and detailed ETAs
  • Community-driven navigation experience


  • Reliance on user-generated data
  • Limited coverage in rural areas

9. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a comprehensive and trusted weather information platform that keeps users up-to-date with the latest forecasts, alerts, and conditions across the globe. With a vast network of meteorologists and advanced forecasting technology, The Weather Channel provides accurate and reliable weather data for cities, towns, and even specific locations.

Users can access detailed hourly and 10-day forecasts, as well as radar and satellite imagery, allowing them to plan their activities and make informed decisions based on the weather conditions.

App Features

  • 15-minute rain forecast and radar on homescreen
  • Quick access to detailed forecast and radar
  • Severe weather alerts on homescreen
  • Dark Mode support
  • Sunset times and allergy/flu forecasts
  • Latest weather news updates
  • Breaking news alerts during extreme weather

  • Detailed weather forecasts up to two weeks
  • Severe weather preparation tools
  • Dark Mode for better viewing
  • Access to sunset times and allergy/flu forecasts


  • Premium upgrade for additional features
  • Subscription renewal required for Premium

10. Weigh My Truck

Weigh My Truck is a convenient and time-saving mobile app designed specifically for truck drivers to streamline the process of weighing their vehicles at truck scales. With this app, drivers can avoid long lines and reduce wait times at weigh stations by using their smartphone or tablet to complete the weighing process efficiently.

All they need to do is simply drive onto a scale, open the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the scale number and submit their weighing request. Within moments, the app will provide them with the weight information, eliminating the need to physically go inside the scale house.

App Features

  • Weigh your truck conveniently
  • Pay for weigh from the app
  • Create an account for storing truck and trailer info
  • Track weighs and receive secure PDF tickets
  • Automatic CAT Scale location detection
  • Driver Dashboard for account management
  • Real-time scale ticket emailing
  • Compliance with AZ and NM license fields

  • Easy payment through the app
  • Account for storing information
  • Secure PDF weigh tickets
  • Real-time scale ticket emailing


  • Limited to CAT Scale locations
  • Reliance on GPS accuracy

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