10 Best Apps For Physical Therapists


The 10 Best Apps for Physical Therapists guide is a comprehensive resource designed to empower and enhance the practice of physical therapists in their crucial role of helping individuals recover from injuries and improve their overall mobility and well-being. In today’s digital age, technology has become an invaluable ally for healthcare professionals, and this guide highlights the top 10 apps for iPhone or laptop specifically tailored to the needs of physical therapists.

From exercise prescription and rehabilitation programs to patient management and documentation tools, these apps offer a wide range of features to streamline and optimize the therapy process. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a student entering the field, this guide is your go-to source for discovering the most effective and user-friendly apps that can revolutionize your practice, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately, make a significant impact on the world of aspiring physical therapy.

1. MedBridge GO

The MedBridge GO app is a game-changing tool for physical therapists and healthcare professionals. It brings the power of evidence-based rehabilitation exercises and patient education directly to the palm of your hand. With a vast library of videos and exercises that cover various clinical conditions and patient populations, this app allows therapists to create personalized treatment plans with ease.

The real-time feedback and tracking features ensure that patients perform exercises correctly and stay motivated throughout their rehabilitation journey. MedBridge GO’s integration with MedBridge’s comprehensive platform offers a seamless experience, from assessment to treatment to outcome measurement.

App Features

  • Designed for PT, OT, AT, or SLP exercises.
  • Access exercises prescribed by your therapist.
  • Follow along with on-screen exercise videos.
  • Easy setup with an access code from your provider.

  • Access to therapist-prescribed exercises.
  • Convenient exercise videos for guidance.
  • Customized treatment plans.
  • Easy setup with provider access code.


  • Limited to prescribed exercises.
  • May not provide comprehensive therapy solutions.

2. Exer Health

The Exer Health app is a remarkable tool that empowers users to take control of their physical health and well-being. Designed with a focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation, this app offers a wide array of exercises and resources suitable for various fitness levels and goals. What sets Exer Health apart is its science-based approach, ensuring that every exercise and routine is grounded in evidence and tailored to individual needs.

The app’s user-friendly interface and clear instructional videos make it accessible to all, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey. Exer Health provides a holistic approach to health, encompassing mobility, strength, and recovery, making it a valuable companion for individuals looking to optimize their physical performance and overall quality of life.

App Features

  • Assess and track range of motion, mobility, and strength at home and in the clinic.
  • Precisely measure major joint movements like shoulder, knee, and hip.
  • Real-time form correction during exercises.
  • No need for sensors or extra hardware; runs entirely on your iPhone.
  • Daily SMS prompts to report pain levels for insights into your experience.
  • At-home form guidance with visual and audio feedback.
  • Privacy-preserving technology, with measurements and data visible only to you and your healthcare provider.

  • Measures and tracks musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Precise measurement of joint movements.
  • Real-time form correction during exercises.
  • No need for additional sensors or hardware.


  • Form guidance may not suit all users.
  • Available exclusively on iPhone.

3. Pt Pal Pro

The Pt Pal Pro app is a valuable and versatile tool for physical therapists and healthcare professionals alike. This comprehensive platform streamlines and enhances the patient care process, from initial assessment to treatment and progress tracking. Pt Pal Pro simplifies documentation, making it efficient to create detailed patient records, treatment plans, and evaluations.

The app’s integrated telehealth feature allows therapists to conduct remote sessions and provide ongoing support to patients. What sets Pt Pal Pro apart is its commitment to evidence-based practice, offering a vast library of exercises and educational resources to empower both therapists and patients. With secure messaging and appointment scheduling, this app facilitates seamless communication and coordination of care.

App Features

  • Designed for use with physical, occupational, speech therapists, and clinicians/doctors.
  • Retires paper instructions and surveys, sending medical instructions, tasks, exercises, and activities to your phone.
  • Leverages CareKit, ResearchKit, and HealthKit frameworks for surveys, task management, and integration with other apps and devices.
  • Tracks health, monitors symptoms, and shares information with healthcare providers.
  • Integrates with Health App to show clinicians daily steps taken.
  • Allows clinicians to send care tasks, education, exercises, and surveys.
  • Sends notifications to remind patients of tasks.
  • Supports complex healthcare interventions and multimedia interface.
  • Provides a dashboard to track completion data and progress.
  • Connects patients with their care team, caregivers, and support partners.

  • Facilitates communication and coordination with clinicians.
  • Retires paper instructions, streamlining patient care.
  • Tracks health and monitors symptoms actively.
  • Integrates with Health App for comprehensive data.


  • Requires registration through a Pt Pal clinician.
  • Limited to use with healthcare providers

4. My Rehab Connection

The My Rehab Connection app is a highly beneficial tool for individuals undergoing rehabilitation and therapy. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, it empowers users to take charge of their recovery journey. The app offers access to a library of exercise videos, allowing users to perform their prescribed exercises with proper guidance and form.

Additionally, it offers progress tracking and reporting, enabling users to monitor their improvement over time. One notable feature is the ability to connect with healthcare providers, fostering communication and collaboration between patients and therapists. The app’s reminder system ensures that users stay consistent with their exercises and appointments.

App Features

  • Connects healthcare practitioners with their patients via mobile devices.
  • Sends patients their home exercise program with step-by-step pictures and videos.
  • Fully customizable with the option to add clinic logo and contact information.
  • Enables patients to contact the clinic easily through call or email buttons.
  • Allows patients to book appointments through the clinic’s online calendar.

  • Provides step-by-step exercise programs with pictures and videos.
  • Fully customizable with clinic branding.
  • Offers easy contact options for patients.
  • Supports appointment booking through the app.


  • May require setup and customization.
  • Accessibility may depend on the availability of the healthcare provider.

5. CMV

The CMV (Cytomegalovirus) app is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking information about CMV infection. It offers comprehensive insights into this common viral infection, providing a user-friendly platform for education and awareness. The app covers various aspects, including transmission, symptoms, prevention, and treatment, making it a reliable source of information for both healthcare providers and the general public.

Additionally, it offers real-time updates and news related to CMV, keeping users informed about the latest developments in research and treatments. With its user-friendly interface and up-to-date information, the CMV app plays a crucial role in raising awareness and understanding of this viral infection.

App Features

  • Frame-capture for getting the perfect picture.
  • Full-screen utilization on iPhone/iPad.
  • Email/share high-resolution HD video clips.
  • Instant video review and analysis in slow-motion with various controls.
  • Capture full-resolution images from HD videos.
  • Drawing, marking, and note-taking on videos and photos.
  • Angle calculation between lines.
  • Zoom functionality.
  • Advanced video-emailing options.
  • Side-by-side viewing and sync-playback on iPad.
  • Instant video-swapping on iPad.
  • Video editor with easy-sync video clipping on iPad.
  • Privacy settings for accessing Camera Roll.

  • High-resolution video sharing and emailing.
  • Slow-motion video review with multiple controls.
  • Ability to capture full-resolution images from HD videos.
  • Drawing and note-taking features for visual feedback.


  • Limited to iOS devices.
  • May not support all video formats.

6. Pocket Anatomy

Pocket Anatomy is a comprehensive and user-friendly anatomy app that provides an immersive and educational experience for students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in exploring the human body. With stunning 3D graphics and interactive features, this app allows users to delve deep into the intricacies of human anatomy.

From the skeletal system to the circulatory system, users can navigate through various body systems, zoom in on specific structures, and even test their knowledge with quizzes.

App Features

  • It offers a free trial with no payment required until day 7.
  • The app provides instant access to detailed anatomical structures and clinical information.
  • Users can search for specific structures with an intuitive search feature.
  • The app offers easy navigation through 3D models of the human body.
  • It covers various body systems, including circulatory, muscular, respiratory, and more.
  • Clinical relevance is emphasized with pinned structures and clinical notes.
  • Students can use it as a powerful study tool, adding their own notes and bookmarks.
  • The app has received praise for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive content.
  • It’s a valuable resource for anatomy and physiology students and professionals.

  • Comprehensive.
  • User-friendly.
  • Clinical insights.
  • Study aid.


  • Limited free access.
  • In-app purchases.

7. ICD10 Consult

The ICD10 Consult app is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals and medical students, providing quick and convenient access to the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition (ICD-10) codes. With its user-friendly interface, the app allows users to search for codes, browse categories, and access detailed descriptions, making it easy to accurately code diagnoses and procedures.

The app also offers helpful features like favorites, code history, and the ability to add personal notes. Whether you’re in a clinical setting or studying for exams, ICD10 Consult streamlines the coding process, saving time and reducing errors. It’s an essential companion for anyone working in the medical field, ensuring accurate and efficient medical coding.

App Features

  • ICD10 Consult is a comprehensive ICD-10-CM resource.
  • It offers deep code analysis for accurate code selection.
  • You can add custom notes to codes.
  • The app cross-references medical acronyms and synonyms.
  • It has flexible search capabilities.
  • It provides access to tabular and alphabetical indexes.
  • Coding guidelines are integrated.
  • You can check code validity for reimbursement.
  • Organize your frequently used codes in a favorites list.

  • Flexible search functionality
  • Access to tabular and alphabetical indexes
  • Integration of coding guidelines
  • Quick check for code validity


  • Ad-supported
  • Requires an internet connection

8. Muscle Premium

Muscle Premium is an exceptional app for anyone interested in human anatomy, especially students, healthcare professionals, and fitness enthusiasts. With its stunning 3D visuals and detailed information, it provides an immersive learning experience about the human musculoskeletal system.

Users can explore and dissect anatomical models, view muscle actions, and access comprehensive information on muscles, ligaments, nerves, and bones. The app’s interactive features, such as the ability to create custom views and add notes, enhance the learning process.

App Features

  • Subscription-based access for institutions and promotional purposes.
  • Exclusive access through provided usernames and passwords.
  • Requires connection to the institution’s Wi-Fi network for access.
  • Not available for individual purchase or without a subscription.

  • Access to premium muscle anatomy content.
  • Useful for educational and institutional purposes.
  • In-depth exploration of muscle structures.


  • Requires a subscription or institutional access.
  • Not available for individual purchase.

9. Physiopedia 

Physiopedia is a valuable app for physiotherapy professionals and students alike. It offers a comprehensive platform for accessing a wealth of information related to physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal health. The app provides easy access to a vast library of articles, resources, and courses, making it an excellent tool for continuous learning and professional development.

Its user-friendly interface and search functionality simplify the process of finding relevant information. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, stay updated on the latest research, or enhance your clinical practice, Physiopedia has you covered. It’s a must-have resource for anyone in the field of physiotherapy.

App Features

  • Access the entire Physiopedia knowledge base on your mobile device.
  • Search for articles by category or keyword.
  • Keep track of your article reading history.
  • Enjoy audio narration of article text.
  • Dark mode for comfortable reading.
  • Upgrade to Premium for unlimited offline article access.
  • Support the Physiopedia charity through Premium subscription.
  • Share article links via email, other apps, or QR codes

  • Access to a vast physiotherapy knowledge base.
  • Easy search and article discovery.
  • Audio narration for articles.
  • Dark mode for comfortable reading.


  • Limited offline access in the free version.
  • In-app promotional content in the free version.

10. PhysioMaster

PhysioMaster is a comprehensive app designed to support physiotherapists and their patients in managing and tracking rehabilitation exercises. This user-friendly tool offers an extensive library of exercises with detailed instructions and videos to ensure proper form and technique.

Patients can easily follow their prescribed exercise routines, record their progress, and provide feedback to their physiotherapists. What sets PhysioMaster apart is its ability to personalize exercise plans based on individual patient needs and track progress over time. The app also facilitates communication between physiotherapists and patients, enhancing the overall rehabilitation experience.

App Features

  • Goniometer for measuring angles
  • Posture analysis
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) analysis
  • Range of Motion (ROM) measurement
  • Measurement of angles directly on images
  • Motion analysis, including angles, velocities, and accelerations
  • 10-meter walk test (or any other distance)
  • 6-minute walk test (or any other duration)
  • Objective measures for movement compensations and imbalances
  • Calculation of walked distances and other parameters
  • Real-time motion analysis for various activities

  • Efficient and user-friendly tools for physical therapists
  • Simplifies everyday tasks and assessments
  • Provides valuable information to both practitioners and patients
  • Helps build patients’ confidence and trust


  • Not available for free, requires a purchase.
  • Device compatibility.

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