10 Best Apps For Learning English


The best apps for learning English understand the importance of providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive design. With these features, learners can navigate effortlessly through the various language exercises and lessons, ensuring a smooth and seamless learning experience.

Furthermore, these apps often offer personalized learning paths, enabling users to focus on specific areas they wish to improve, be it vocabulary, listening comprehension, or spoken English. With the use of interactive features, such as pronunciation practice and speech recognition, these apps allow learners to actively engage with the language and gain confidence in their abilities.

1. Hello English

When it comes to learning English, one of the best apps available is the Hello English app. This app provides a comprehensive platform for individuals looking to improve their English language skills. With a wide range of features and interactive lessons, Hello English offers a well-rounded learning experience.

Users can access a variety of exercises, including vocabulary quizzes, grammar lessons, reading comprehension, and listening exercises. The app also allows learners to practice their speaking skills through voice recognition technology, providing valuable feedback on pronunciation.

App Features

  • 425 Interactive Lessons: Access 100% free lessons to learn English speaking and grammar, including useful conversations. Lessons can be used offline as well.
  • Amazing Games: Engage in reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises with immediate results and grammar tips.
  • Chat with teachers: Communicate with teachers to clarify grammar or translation queries.
  • Practice using daily news: Enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, and word knowledge by practicing with daily news articles.
  • Conversation practice game: Improve spoken English skills by participating in a game that involves speaking and holding daily-use conversations.

  • Extensive Interactive Lessons
  • Engaging Language Games
  • Direct Communication with Teachers
  • Daily News Practice for Vocabulary Building


  • Interactive Lessons
  • Engaging Games

2. Bright

The Bright app for mobile devices is a comprehensive language learning tool that offers an array of features to enhance your language skills on the go. With its user-friendly interface and personalized learning paths, the app provides a tailored learning experience based on your goals and proficiency level.

Whether you want to improve your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, or listening skills, Bright has you covered. The app offers adaptive practice exercises that adjust difficulty based on your performance, ensuring you are consistently challenged. Additionally, Bright provides audio recordings and pronunciation practice to help you refine your speaking and listening abilities.

App Features

  • Interval Repeating and Fast Brain Technique: Utilizes effective methods for memorization, ensuring users retain 90% of information.
  • 38 Sets of English Words: Offers word exercises with varying difficulty levels, from beginner to pro, voiced by native speakers.
  • Monthly Word Memorization: Aim to learn at least 200 effective words every month, just 8 words per day, enabling users to speak and translate without the need for a dictionary.
  • Vocabulary and Listening Comprehension Enhancement: Helps users increase their vocabulary and quickly improve listening comprehension skills, while also improving spelling and pronunciation.
  • Personalized Adjustments: Adjusts to the user’s progress, providing statistics on results and enhancing knowledge assessment for motivation and progression.
  • Real English Learning: Provides a platform to learn authentic English, ensuring a practical and applicable language experience.

  • Effective Memorization Techniques
  • Diverse Vocabulary Sets
  • Native Speaker Voiceovers
  • Convenient Daily Learning


  • Diverse vocabulary sets
  • Native speaker voiceovers

3. Mondly

The Mondly mobile app is an impressive language learning tool that offers a host of features to help users master a new language. With its intuitive interface and interactive lessons, Mondly makes language learning fun and engaging. The app supports over 30 languages, allowing users to choose the language they want to learn.

Mondly incorporates state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to provide feedback on pronunciation, helping learners develop accurate speaking skills. The app offers a variety of lessons, including vocabulary exercises, grammar lessons, and immersive conversations to boost fluency.

App Features

  • Crystal-clear audio and professional voice actors for accurate pronunciation learning.
  • State-of-the-art Speech Recognition for accurate feedback on speaking.
  • Useful phrases for real-life situations, focusing on core words and phrases.
  • Learn through conversations with widely-used nouns and verbs for practical language usage.
  • Verb conjugations with full translations available at a tap.
  • Advanced Statistics for tracking progress and building vocabulary.
  • Supports a wide range of languages for free learning.

  • Interactive and Engaging Lessons
  • Variety of Language Courses
  • Speech Recognition Technology
  • Convenient Offline Mode Access


  • Limited Free Content Access
  • Lack of Advanced Language Levels

4. Knudge

The Knudge app is a powerful productivity tool designed to help individuals improve their habits and achieve their goals. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Knudge encourages users to develop positive routines and stay on track with their personal and professional objectives.

The app allows users to set daily reminders, create habit trackers, and monitor progress in real-time. By providing visual and statistical feedback, Knudge motivates users to stay consistent and accountable in their journey towards personal growth. Whether it’s developing healthy habits, improving time management skills, or enhancing productivity, Knudge offers a comprehensive platform for users to make positive changes and lead a more fulfilling life.

App Features

  • Spaced and adaptive learning for improved retention
  • Convenient vocabulary building on the go
  • Vocabulary pronunciations
  • Progress tracking to monitor learning progress
  • Personalized and adaptive vocabulary revision tests
  • Handy flashcards for effective lesson revision
  • ‘Word of the Day’ concept for vocabulary test aspirants
  • Engaging word games and language games for fun learning and English improvement.

  • Convenient Vocabulary Building on the Go
  • Pronunciations for Enhanced Learning
  • Progress Tracking for Motivation
  • Engaging Word Games for Fun Learning


  • Limited Free Content Access
  • Lack of Advanced Vocabulary Levels

5. LingoDeer

LingoDeer is a comprehensive language learning app that offers a wide range of features to help users master new languages. With its user-friendly interface and structured lessons, LingoDeer provides an immersive and interactive learning experience. The app supports multiple languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and more.

LingoDeer’s lessons are carefully designed to cover all aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing. The app incorporates gamified exercises, audio recordings by native speakers, and visual aids to make the learning process engaging and effective.

App Features

  • Fluent: Real-life conversations and cultural tips
  • Customization for Asian languages with unique alphabet systems
  • Tips and notes for better grammar understanding
  • Studio-recorded audio from native speakers
  • Travel Phrasebook: Audio phrasebook for travel readiness
  • Character Drill: Writing practice for Japanese kanji and Chinese characters
  • Story: Mini stories with captions for further learning
  • Knowledge Cards: Printable grammar flashcards for easy reference.

  • Short and Interactive Lessons
  • Clear Learning Path
  • Customization for Asian Languages
  • Studio-Recorded Native Speaker Audio


  • Limited Free Content Access
  • Less Focus on Advanced Levels

6. LingQ

The LingQ app is a powerful language learning tool that offers a unique and immersive approach to language acquisition. With LingQ, users have access to a vast library of authentic and engaging content in their target language, including articles, podcasts, and audiobooks.

LingQ’s innovative system allows users to save and track new vocabulary words, make notes, and practice their language skills through interactive activities. The app also features built-in language tutoring services, allowing users to receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced language tutors.

App Features

  • 1000s of downloadable audio files with transcripts
  • Integrated dictionary for vocabulary lookup and saving
  • SRS review system for vocabulary review
  • Tracking of known, new, and learning words
  • Detailed learning statistics, including listening and reading time
  • Playlist feature for easy lesson playback
  • Syncing of data across devices and the web
  • Offline studying with automatic data update
  • Notifications for all LingQ activities

  • Multiple integrated dictionaries for vocabulary
  • Effective SRS system for vocabulary review
  • Comprehensive tracking of learning progress
  • Seamless syncing across devices


  • Limited free content access
  • Steep learning curve for beginners

7. Lingbe

Lingbe is an innovative language exchange app that provides users with an immersive and practical way to practice speaking a foreign language. With Lingbe, users can connect with native speakers from around the world through voice calls. The app’s unique concept allows users to have real-time conversations with language partners who are looking to learn their native language in exchange.

This language exchange platform creates an authentic environment for language learners to practice their conversation skills, improve pronunciation, and gain confidence. Lingbe’s user-friendly interface and instant matching feature make it easy to find language partners on-demand, making it an ideal choice for those seeking quick and convenient language practice opportunities.

App Features

  • Instant connection with native speakers
  • Convenient language practice from your smartphone
  • Social platform to meet people from different cultures
  • Collaborative language exchange app
  • Real-time feedback and progress tracking
  • Rewards system for helping others
  • Free practice minutes and referral bonuses

  • Convenient language practice anytime, anywhere
  • Engaging social platform for cultural exchange
  • Collaborative environment for language learning
  • Real-time feedback and progress tracking


  • Potential language barrier challenges
  • Limited language options available

8. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a renowned language learning software that offers an immersive and comprehensive approach to mastering a new language. With its intuitive interface and speech recognition technology, Rosetta Stone aims to simulate a natural language learning environment.

The software focuses on developing language skills through interactive lessons, reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises. Rosetta Stone’s methodology emphasizes context and visual cues, allowing learners to understand and absorb the language in a holistic manner.

App Features

  • Personalized language learning plan
  • Immersion-based learning method
  • Instantaneous feedback for pronunciation
  • Offline learning with downloadable lessons
  • Extended Learning with various exercises
  • Progress syncing across devices
  • Ad-free experience

  • Instant feedback on pronunciation
  • Offline learning with downloads
  • Extended exercises for practice
  • Cross-device progress syncing


  • Freedom to switch between languages
  • Wide language selection available.


ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant, is an innovative language learning app designed to improve English pronunciation. The app utilizes advanced speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to provide personalized feedback on pronunciation accuracy. ELSA offers a wide range of lessons and exercises that target different aspects of pronunciation, including vowel and consonant sounds, intonation, stress patterns, and more.

The app’s user-friendly interface and interactive activities make it engaging and effective for learners of all levels. ELSA’s targeted approach to pronunciation training helps users develop clear and confident English speech, making it a valuable tool for both English learners and non-native speakers looking to enhance their oral communication skills.

App Features

  • Instant speech recognition and real-time feedback
  • Accent training for American English pronunciation
  • Vocabulary enhancement for daily conversation
  • Accessible English learning anywhere, anytime
  • Bite-sized lessons with a vast course catalog
  • Speaking proficiency score for tracking progress
  • Tips and advice on various English speaking topics
  • Exam and test preparation for language assessments

  • Accent training for American English
  • Wide range of vocabulary enhancement
  • Convenient learning anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive test preparation resources


  • Limited free access features
  • Limited focus on non-American accents

10. FluentU

FluentU is an innovative language learning platform that takes a unique approach to teaching languages through authentic, real-world content. The platform offers a vast library of video content in multiple languages, including movies, TV shows, music videos, and more. What sets FluentU apart is its interactive learning experience.

Users can watch videos with interactive captions, allowing them to click on any word to get an instant definition, pronunciation, and example sentences. The platform also offers personalized quizzes and exercises based on the video content, helping users reinforce their language skills and vocabulary.

App Features

  • Immersion in real-world language use
  • Language immersion through authentic videos
  • Subtitles and translations for comprehension
  • Connection with the language through videos
  • Vocabulary quizzes for practice
  • Emphasis on speaking the language naturally
  • Daily motivation to keep learning

  • Broad range of real-world content
  • Interactive vocabulary quizzes
  • Emphasis on natural language use
  • Motivating learning experience


  • Content may not suit all interests
  • Advanced levels may lack variety

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