10 Best Apps For Kindergarten


When it comes to finding the best educational apps for kindergarten, it’s crucial to choose platforms that enhance learning, particularly in fundamental areas like math, reading, and phonics. These apps, developed meticulously for kids, offer engaging and tailor-made content suitable for their learning stage.

It provides a fun and interactive way for preschoolers to practice and advance their reading skills and phonics understanding. Many of these apps are iPad-friendly, providing a user-friendly and visually engaging learning experience. Incorporating these apps into a child’s learning journey can significantly boost their cognitive development and readiness for future academic challenges.

1. Crazy Gears

The Crazy Gears app is an interactive educational game that encourages children to explore the fascinating world of mechanics. Designed by Edoki Academy, it is particularly appealing to kids who enjoy solving puzzles and have an interest in how things work.

One of the key aspects of Crazy Gears is its ability to build critical thinking abilities by challenging children’s understanding of cause and effect through its puzzles. It encourages creativity by allowing users freedom to experiment with different solutions. With an intuitive interface designed for kids, the app ensures an engaging user experience.

App Features

  • Exploratory Learning: The app provides a hands-on learning experience by using animated puzzles which emulate real-world mechanics and laws of physics.
  • Critical Thinking Development: Children learn to create and control their experiments which leads to understanding cause and effect, improving their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Creativity: Players can manipulate wheels, chains, rods, pulleys and more, which helps enhance their creativity and ingenuity.
  • User-friendly interface: Crazy Gears provides a child-friendly environment that encourages interactive learning with easy navigation.
  • Edifying Feedback: The app gives immediate visual and auditory feedback, creating a rewarding play experience that adapts to each player’s skill level.

  • Encourages exploratory learning and critical thinking.
  • Enhances creativity through interactive experiment creation.
  • Provides immediate visual and auditory feedback.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for young children.


  • The lack of instructions can be confusing for some kids.
  • Might not provide enough variety or complexity for older children.

2. DIY

The DIY App is an innovative platform designed by Kyt technologies that allows kids to engage in a variety of craft projects and activities, fostering their creativity and skill development. It offers numerous exciting and interactive projects such as painting, drawing, and building structures with simple, step-by-step instructions.

The app encourages children to think creatively by enabling them to modify the projects according to their imagination. Its user-friendly interface combined with stimulating activities ensures a fun-filled crafting experience for children of various ages.

App Features

  • Wide Range of Activities: The app features numerous projects and crafts- from painting and drawing, to building structures and beyond.
  • Interactive Step-by-Step Guides: DIY App provides kids with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for each project.
  • Customisable Projects: Children have the freedom to modify the projects according to their imagination, encouraging creative thinking.
  • Share Creations: The app offers a safe platform where kids can showcase their projects and admire the creations of others, fostering a sense of community and appreciation.
  • Kid-Friendly Interface: The design and navigation of DIY App are straightforward and clear, making it accessible for kids.
  • Safe Environment: DIY App provides a safe, ad-free environment where kids can explore and create without any interruptions or undesirable content.

  • Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Step-by-step guides make navigation easy for children.
  • Safe, ad-free environment for kids to explore and create.
  • Allows kids to showcase their projects, creating a sense of community.


  • The app’s resources for projects may not align with what users have at home, which could lead to frustration.
  • Although the DIY community is moderated, there is some level of internet exposure when kids share their projects.

3. Kahoot

The Kahoot app is an interactive learning platform that is popular among educators and learners alike. Its game-based activities are designed to encourage an enhanced and engaging learning experience, making it ideal for classrooms, corporate training, or even for fun learning sessions at home among families. Students can participate in live quizzes, or teachers can assign self-paced learning tasks to be completed as homework.

Key features of the app include the ability to create interactive quizzes, games, and lessons. Its user-friendly interface allows teachers to create their own Kahoots or choose from millions of existing games.

App Features

  • Interactive Quiz Creation: Teachers can create engaging quizzes in different formats including multiple choice, true or false, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  • Game-based Learning: The app enables a competitive and fun learning environment with scores and leaderboards.
  • Accessible on any Device: Students can join the game on their smart device using a code, ensuring it’s accessible and convenient.
  • Pre-Made Kahoots: A vast collection of pre-made games is available to adapt for various subjects and age groups.
  • Self-Paced Assignments: Teachers can assign self-paced learning tasks to be completed as homework.
  • Progress Tracking: The app provides analytical tools that allow teachers to track student performance and progress.

  • Engages students in an interactive, game-based learning experience.
  • Allows teachers to track student progress and performance.
  • Can be adapted for various learning scenarios and subjects.


  • Requires reliable internet connection for effective usage.
  • Students may focus more on winning than actual learning.

4. GoNoodle Games

GoNoodle is an innovative app designed to get kids moving with fun and engaging physical activities. It caters to parents, teachers, and kids, aiming to foster healthy habits through a range of movement and mindfulness videos. The app is extremely popular in schools for its use during transitions, indoor recess, or for energizing activities.

The GoNoodle app offers an array of activities designed to encourage physical and mental health. Its extensive collection of videos spans dancing, exercise routines, yoga, mindfulness activities, and more. All activities focus on improving the overall well-being of children.

App Features

  • Wide Range of Activities: Offers a variety of exercises, dances, yoga, and mindfulness activities.
  • Interactive Videos: The videos are highly interactive, engaging kids in active play.
  • Customizable Experience: Allows creation of custom playlists to fit different needs and preferences.
  • Educational Content: Many videos include educational content, providing a mix of learning and exercise.

  • Encourages physical activity in a fun and engaging way.
  • Combines learning and movement activities.
  • Wide range of videos cater to varied preferences and energy levels.


  • Requires a reliable internet connection for streaming videos.
  • Some of the movement activities might require more space than available in a typical living room.

5. Faces iMake

Faces iMake is a fun and creative art app that allows kids to make faces using everyday objects. Designed by iMagine Machine, it encourages children’s creativity and imagination by turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. The app is an excellent tool for developing spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and innovative problem-solving capabilities.

In Faces iMake, children can explore different categories of objects and use them as ‘art materials’ in their designs. Thus, a banana can become a mouth, buttons can morph into eyes, and a comb may turn into eyebrows. The platform also features lessons from the renowned artist Hanoch Piven to further enhance the users’ creative experience.

App Features

  • Wide Array of Everyday Art Materials: Provides a substantial variety of everyday items to create unusual and fun faces.
  • Simple Interface: Easy-to-use tools and a straightforward interface make it accessible for even young children.
  • Pre-made Templates: Offers a selection of pre-made face templates to get children started.
  • Art Lessons: Features art lessons from the artist Hanoch Piven.
  • Gallery: Allows children to save and showcase their art in the gallery.

  • Enhances spatial reasoning and fine motor skills.
  • User-friendly interface, which makes it accessible for young children.
  • Provides art lessons from a renowned artist.
  • Allows for the showcasing and storage of art within the app.


  • Requires in-app purchases for full content access.
  • Lack of tutorial or comprehensive guidance for first-time users.

6. The little line

“The Little Line” or “Petit Point” is a charming app designed for kids as an introduction to arts, specifically to French impressionist Claude Monet. The app’s minimalist layout and beautiful graphics allow children to dive deep into the world of fine art. It simplifies the complexities of an art museum by taking users on a guided tour of Monet’s garden in Giverny, exposing them to different art elements and styles.

“Petit Point” allows kids to interact with beautiful scenes inspired by Monet’s paintings. They can tap and slide to conjure lily pads in the Japanese bridge scene or make the sailboat glide across the picture. Additionally, it lets users create their own Monet-inspired masterpiece. The creative interactivity provides a unique way to help young learners appreciate and understand art.

App Features

  • Interactive Art Scenes: Kids can interact with and explore various scenes inspired by Monet’s work.
  • Masterpiece Creation: Offers an opportunity to create their own Monet-inspired artwork.
  • Motivating Narrator: A friendly guide leads the expedition, making the journey engaging.
  • Art Exposure: Introduces children to the world of impressionist art, specifically the works of Claude Monet.
  • Sound Effects and Animation: Offers vibrant animations and calming soundtracks matching the mood of Monet’s art.

  • Sparks creativity and art appreciation.
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-follow navigation.
  • Encourages exploration and engagement through interactive scenes.
  • Immersive sound effects and animations enhance the user experience.


  • Limited language options; currently available only in French.
  • Can be relatively expensive compared to other similar apps.


LOOPIMAL by YATATOY is an engaging app designed to introduce children to the world of music through a fun and interactive platform. The app caters to kids’ inherent curiosity as they match pictures and sounds to create different melodies, enabling them to understand the basics of music, rhythm, and sequencing. The child-centric controls permit even the youngest of users to explore freely, without the fear of going wrong.

In LOOPIMAL, there are no set measures of success or failure, allowing children to indulge their creative whims. The app provides a range of animal animations, each of which is associated with different musical sounds. As kids drag and drop shapes onto the timeline, these animals perform a series of adorable moves, providing a visual representation of the music being created. The result is an intuitive, playful, and immersive experience that combines the joy of music with the charm of funny animations.

App Features

  • Audio-Visual Association: Each animal animation is linked with unique musical tones.
  • Simple Controls: Easy drag-and-drop controls enable children to compose their own symphonies.
  • Multiple Sequences: Allows creation of multiple sequences of sounds with up to 4 different animals at once.
  • Intuitive Interface: Designed specifically for young children, it encourages creativity and experimental play.
  • No Goals or Levels: Freestyle working allows for infinite possibilities with no penalties or gaming stress.

  • Easy-to-use interface suitable for younger children.
  • A mix of adorable animations and sounds provides an engaging experience.
  • Enables kids to create and control their own sound sequences.
  • No explicit goals or levels allow for stress-free play.


  • Limited musical options may restrict long-term engagement.
  • The absence of text or verbal instructions may confuse some users.

8. Marble Math Junior

Marble Math Junior is an educational app that makes learning basic math fun and interactive. This app is designed for kids aged 5-8. It presents math problems as a marble maze game, inviting kids to steer a marble through a series of mazes to collect stars, specific items, and complete math challenges.

The app covers a wide range of math skills, including counting, addition, subtraction, sequencing, and telling time. With adjustable settings for age-appropriate math problems and two modes of operation, Marble Math Junior provides tailored learning experiences. It also includes bonus features like collectible marble rewards and mini-games, enhancing the play experience.

App Features

  • Customizable Math Skills: Adjust settings to match the age-appropriateness of math problems.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Navigate a marble through fun mazes to solve math problems.
  • Feedback and Reviews: Show and Review option allows kids to learn from their mistakes.
  • Multi-Language Support: Math problems can be read aloud in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Dutch.
  • Bonus Rewards and Mini-Games: Collectible marbles and mini-games add extra motivation and fun.

  • Adjustable settings match the difficulty to the child’s age and skill level.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Immediate feedback helps kids learn from their mistakes.
  • Rich content covers a wide range of basic math skills.


  • Graphics might seem basic compared to other contemporary apps.
  • Some users may find the music and sound effects distracting.

9. Marble Math Junior

“Monkey Word School Adventure” is an educational app designed to cater to early learners between the ages of 3 and 7. Developed by the Artgig Studio, it offers an exciting way for children to learn about letters, phonics, spelling, and more. The app beautifully uses games and quests to make learning a fun and engaging process.

Once the user helps the Monkey jump into his boat, it takes them to different islands, each focused on a distinct aspect of language learning. From learning about letter shapes to spelling and phonics, the app covers it all. As the game progresses and users demonstrate mastery, the difficulty level increases, providing a tailored learning experience. With attractive sound effects, vibrant graphics, and interactive gameplay, “Monkey Word School Adventure” provides a captivating space for early literacy learning.

App Features

  • Wide Range of Language Skills: Covers essential skills like spelling, letter shapes, phonics, and sight words.
  • Progressive Learning Levels: Automatically adjusts the difficulty level to suit the learner’s skill level.
  • Interactive Mini-Games: Learning is embedded in fun and engaging mini-games.
  • Capture and PHONICS Tower: Unique features to help reinforce learning.
  • Dynamic Skill Progression: Continuously presents fresh challenges by adapting to the user’s progress.

  • The app’s difficulty level adjusts to meet individual learning needs.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of language skills.
  • Engages kids with fun mini-games that reinforce learning.
  • Cute characters and a vibrant visual design appeal to young learners.


  • The absence of clear instructions or tutorials may confuse some children.
  • Soundtracks and effects might distract some users.

10. PuppetMaster

PuppetMaster is a unique animation app that allows children to bring their drawings, photos, or toys to life using intuitive, easy-to-use technology. Developed by Shmonster, it builds creativity and digital literacy among young learners by letting them create animations and tell their stories in an exciting way.

In PuppetMaster, children can choose a puppet and a background, animate it by using simple touch gestures, and even record their voice to add a personal storytelling touch. The app lets kids either use pre-existing puppets and backgrounds or design their own, boosting their creativity. The recorded animations can also be exported, allowing children to share their stories and creations.

App Features

  • Animation Creation: Allows users to animate characters using touch gestures.
  • Customizable Puppets and Backgrounds: Gives the option to design own puppets and backgrounds or use existing ones.
  • Voice Recording: Lets children record their voices for their animated characters.
  • Export and Share: Permits to save the animations and share them.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Offers in-app tutorials for guidance.

  • Provides a platform for both predefined and custom animations.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Allows kids to share their animated creations.
  • Voice-over feature adds a personalized storytelling aspect.


  • Some users might find the navigation and controls challenging initially.
  • Contains in-app purchases to unlock more features.

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