10 Best Apps For Caregivers


Caregivers play a crucial role in providing support and assistance to individuals who are in need, whether it’s for elderly family members, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from illness. In today’s digital age, technology has empowered caregivers with a plethora of tools and resources to make their caregiving responsibilities more manageable and efficient.

Here, we introduce the 10 best apps for caregivers, designed to streamline caregiving tasks, enhance communication, and improve overall quality of care. These apps cover a wide range of needs, from medication management and appointment tracking to communication with healthcare professionals and ensuring the safety and well-being of those under their care. Whether you’re a professional caregiver or a family member providing care, these apps are invaluable companions in the challenging and rewarding journey of caregiving.

1. Carely

Carely is a remarkable caregiving app that has gained widespread recognition for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features. It serves as a valuable tool for both professional caregivers and family members alike. The app excels in simplifying the complex tasks of caregiving, from medication management and appointment tracking to maintaining a digital journal of care activities.

One of its standout features is its ability to facilitate seamless communication among caregiving teams, allowing real-time updates and coordination on the care recipient’s well-being. Carely also provides a platform for securely storing important medical information and documents, ensuring that caregivers have quick access to critical data when needed.

App Features

  • Centralized caregiving communication and coordination
  • Build a circle of family and friends for caregiving support
  • Share pictures, post comments, send messages, and react to posts
  • Plan and report on visits with visit reports
  • Receive updates from care providers in real-time (Carely Pro users)
  • Access care information, direct message care teams
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant data sharing

  • User-friendly
  • Centralized communication
  • Coordination of caregiving tasks
  • Social network for sharing memories


  • Limited care provider access (requires Carely Pro)
  • Dependency on technology

2. Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is an exceptional caregiving app that has earned its reputation as a lifeline for caregivers. This user-friendly platform creates a centralized hub for organizing and coordinating support for those in need.

Its key strength lies in its ability to connect friends, family, and volunteers seamlessly, making it easier to share caregiving responsibilities. With features like a shared calendar for scheduling tasks, meal coordination, and a bulletin board for updates and messages, Lotsa Helping Hands simplifies caregiving logistics. Furthermore, it provides a sense of community, fostering collaboration among caregivers.

App Features

  • Coordinate help for various tasks (meals, rides, visits)
  • Notify all concerned family and friends with a single message
  • Share updates easily without multiple emails or calls
  • Connect with support network through posts, photos, and well wishes
  • Create a Lotsa Community for assistance
  • Invite others to join and help in the community
  • Add tasks to the feed for volunteers
  • Keep everyone updated with personal blogs and photos.

  • Coordination
  • Efficiency
  • Communication
  • Support


  • Limited features
  • Dependency

3. Caring Village

Caring Village is a comprehensive caregiving platform that stands out as a vital resource for families and caregivers alike. This all-in-one solution offers a multitude of features to streamline caregiving responsibilities. It serves as a centralized hub for coordinating tasks, sharing updates, and fostering open communication among caregivers and their support networks.

Caring Village’s standout features include scheduling assistance for meal deliveries, transportation, and visits, as well as the ability to notify concerned family and friends with a single message. It also provides a platform for sharing updates, photos, and well-wishes, promoting a sense of connectedness and emotional support.

App Features

  • Companion app for Caring Village
  • Ideal for existing villages or joining one
  • Dashboard and mobile app for family caregivers
  • Personalized Village for sharing caregiving responsibilities
  • Wellness Journal for status updates
  • Customizable Calendar for scheduling
  • Shareable To-Do Lists for task distribution
  • Secure Messaging for effective communication
  • Preparedness Checklists for future planning
  • Notification, Alerts, & Reminders for timely tasks
  • Ensures control and transparency in caregiving

  • Easy coordination
  • Peace of mind
  • Transparent caregiving
  • Personalized village


  • Requires setup
  • Extensive feature set

4. eCare21

eCare21 is a powerful healthcare management app designed to enhance patient care by seamlessly connecting healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers. With its user-friendly interface, it offers a wide range of features, including remote patient monitoring, secure communication, medication management, and appointment scheduling.

Patients can easily track their health data, while healthcare professionals can monitor and intervene when necessary, improving overall patient outcomes. This app is a vital tool in modern healthcare, promoting efficiency, convenience, and personalized care for all users involved in the healthcare journey.

App Features

  • Personal health management
  • Collaboration with doctors
  • Simplification of health journey
  • Integration of health metrics from devices
  • Tracking weight, blood pressure, glucose, and more
  • Use of HealthKit for data collection
  • Easy sharing with doctors and caregivers.

  • Personalized health management
  • Collaboration with doctors
  • Simplifies health tracking
  • Integrates data from medical devices


  • Dependency on medical devices
  • Privacy concerns

5. Medisafe

Medisafe is a standout healthcare app that empowers users to take control of their medication management with ease and precision. Designed to ensure medication adherence, this user-friendly platform allows individuals to create personalized medication schedules, receive timely reminders, and track their medication intake.

It goes beyond just pill reminders; Medisafe offers features like medication interaction alerts, refill reminders, and the ability to share health reports with healthcare providers, enhancing overall safety and health outcomes. Furthermore, the app provides a secure and private space to store important medical information, making it an invaluable tool for individuals and caregivers alike.

App Features

  • Top-ranked pill reminder app by pharmacists and physicians
  • Drug-to-drug interaction warnings
  • Health Records integration for medication import
  • Medication safety statistics and risks highlighted
  • Visual and user-friendly medication manager
  • Health App integration for tracking measurements
  • Progress report sharing with healthcare providers
  • Family synchronization for managing multiple users
  • Playful Medtones for reminders
  • Timely dose reminders, even when the device is asleep
  • Rx refill reminders
  • Medisafe Premium subscription for enhanced features and customization options
  • HIPAA privacy compliance

  • Effective medication management
  • Drug interaction warnings
  • Health Records integration
  • Medication safety awareness


  • Premium subscription required for some features
  • No medical advice provided

6. First Aid

The First Aid app is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking immediate medical guidance in critical situations. With a user-friendly interface and a wealth of life-saving information, this app serves as a digital first responder in your pocket. It offers step-by-step instructions for handling a wide range of emergencies, from CPR and choking to burns and fractures, even when you’re offline.

The app’s interactive features, including videos and illustrations, enhance understanding and confidence in administering first aid. Additionally, it provides essential information on local emergency services and hospitals based on your location.

App Features

  • Easy-to-use with a Spanish language switch
  • Step-by-step instructions for first aid scenarios
  • Integration with 9-1-1 for emergency calls
  • Preloaded content for offline access
  • User and award stories
  • Quick access via search bar and voice assistants
  • Hospital finder and CPR metronome
  • Interactive quizzes for earning badges
  • Digital certificate viewing and class sign-up
  • Recertification reminders.

  • Lifesaving information at your fingertips
  • Step-by-step first aid instructions
  • Interactive features and quizzes
  • Offline access to preloaded content


  • Privacy concerns
  • Requires HealthKit compatibility

7. RxSaver

The RxSaver app is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to save on their prescription medications. With the ever-rising costs of healthcare, this app provides a practical solution by offering discounts and coupons for a wide range of prescription drugs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to search for medications, compare prices at nearby pharmacies, and find the best deals.

RxSaver not only empowers users to make informed choices but also helps them save significantly on their healthcare expenses. The app’s ability to show medication prices in real-time at various pharmacies ensures that users can access affordable options in their area.

App Features

  • Save up to 80% on prescription medications
  • Instantly find Rx coupons for nearby pharmacies
  • No membership or sign-in required
  • User-friendly medication search and price comparison
  • LegitScript Certified and BBB accredited
  • Featured in major media outlets
  • Accepted at all major U.S. pharmacies
  • Free to use, no membership fees
  • Coupons for insured, underinsured, or uninsured individuals
  • App works for home delivery, drive-thru, and curbside pickup
  • Coupons never expire and can be used for refills

  • Easy and quick coupon retrieval
  • No membership or sign-in required
  • Pet medication coupons available for human equivalents
  • Free to use


  • Prescription prices can change over time, so coupon prices may vary.
  • Limited information on app compatibility

8. MyMeds

The MyMeds app offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing medication regimens with precision and ease. This app is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to improve medication adherence and overall health management. MyMeds simplifies the complex task of tracking multiple medications, offering features like timely dose reminders, medication interaction alerts, and the ability to set up profiles for family members or dependents.

What sets MyMeds apart is its integration with pharmacies, enabling users to refill prescriptions directly through the app, eliminating the hassle of manual refill requests. The app’s medication history and compliance reports provide valuable insights for both users and healthcare providers, ensuring that medications are taken as prescribed.

App Features

  • Medication and refill reminders
  • Medication understanding and reasons
  • Syncing with healthcare team and loved ones
  • Medication usage history analysis
  • Prescription price comparison
  • Medication information and side effects notification

  • Medication and refill reminders
  • Medication understanding and education
  • Coordination with healthcare team and loved ones
  • Medication usage history analysis


  • Privacy and Security
  • Limited Medication Database

9. Ianacare

The Ianacare app is a compassionate and practical solution for caregivers facing the often overwhelming challenges of providing care to their loved ones. This app serves as a dedicated platform for caregivers to connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources and support. It offers a user-friendly interface for creating care teams and coordinating tasks among family members and friends.

What sets Ianacare apart is its emphasis on building a strong and empathetic caregiving community, where individuals can seek advice, share stories, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their caregiving journey.

App Features

  • Organizes and mobilizes support for family caregivers
  • Coordinates help from friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors
  • Provides emotional support through private feed
  • Supports caregivers in various situations (long-term illness, surgery, life transitions)
  • Simplifies request for practical help
  • Easy invitation of support team members
  • Keeps everyone informed with a private feed
  • Enables proactive help and contributions from supporters
  • Offers a team calendar for organization
  • Customizable notification preferences

  • Supports caregivers in various situations
  • Simplifies request for help
  • Easy invitation of support team members
  • Keeps everyone informed


  • May require employer authentication for additional resources
  • Some users may prefer more customization options

10. PainScale

The PainScale app is a highly valuable tool for individuals dealing with chronic pain conditions. This comprehensive and user-friendly platform offers a holistic approach to pain management, providing a wide range of features to help users understand, track, and alleviate their pain. From daily pain tracking and symptom monitoring to medication management and treatment progress, PainScale empowers users to take control of their pain management journey.

The app also offers educational resources, articles, and a community forum, fostering a sense of support and understanding among users. Furthermore, its integrated telehealth feature enables users to connect with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.

App Features

  • Pain Reports for better patient-physician communication
  • Insights with personalized tips on treatment options
  • Trusted Content library with articles, videos, and meditations for pain relief
  • Daily Health Tips including meditation, stretch, and exercise routines
  • Apple HealthKit Integration for health and fitness tracking
  • Reminders to stay engaged with health goals
  • Care Team Communication for direct messaging with physicians and support network
  • Customizable profile for personalized pain management
  • Comprehensive information on chronic pain conditions and relief methods.

  • Personalized insights and treatment tips
  • Trusted content library for pain relief education
  • Daily health tips and routines
  • Integration with Apple HealthKit


  • May require internet access for some features
  • Users should consult with healthcare professionals for health concerns

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