25 Interesting Apple Sales Statistics: Revenue, Market Share & Popular Products


The tech giant Apple is the world’s most valuable company, with a net income of $94.68 billion in 2021. You may be wondering how they got there and how they stay in the top spot. Today I will walk you through some of their most significant and popular statistics, like market share & revenue, iPhone sales by year, total iPhone users, revenue generated from other products like iPad & Airpods and much more. So whether you’re a fan or not, learn about Apple sales in this article!

How Many iPhones Does Apple Sell A Year?

In the past two years, Apple has launched three variants of the iPhone – Mini, Pro and Max at different price points to increase annual sales. However, the yearly iPhone sales have stagnated year over year as people prefer using their old iPhone models for a long time due to software upgrades. Here are the statistics of iPhone sales by year with more details: 1. The iPhone witnessed the record-breaking sale of 195 Million units worldwide in 2020 to become the best tech seller of the year. While in 2019, iPhone managed to sell over 185 million units worldwide, the sales increased massively in 2020 (accounting for 195 million units). This rise was primarily due to the work-from-home model during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Apple witnessed a massive rise in the sales of products ranging from $399 to $1,099 during the pandemic era. [Source: USA Today] 2. The worldwide sales of the iPhone peaked in 2015 at 231 million units, which decreased steadily afterward for 3-4 years. After 2015, the worldwide sales of iPhone units decreased every year, accounting for around 217 million units sold in 2018. The key reason behind this constant YoY decline is Apple has been providing software upgrades on existing models for two years. Due to the high price point of the latest models launched in the last few years, customers preferred to use the existing cheap iPhone models with better software upgradation. [Source: Business Insider]Apples net income statistics3. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Apple delivered around 81.5 million iPhones worldwide, with a significant year-over-year increase. With the launch of the iPhone 13 series and the continuous growth of the iPhone 12, Apple witnessed high shipments in the first quarter of 2021 (59.5 million units sold). With 81.5 million iPhone shipments recorded in Q4,2021, Apple surpassed Samsung to take the number 1 position (with a 70% QoQ increase). In 2020, around 201.1 million units of iPhone shipped worldwide, which increased to 237.9 million units in 2021 (an increase of about 18.2%). [Source: Counter Point] 4. Apple recorded around 5.4 million iPhone shipments in India in 2021, compared to 3.2 million shipments in 2020. 2021 proved to be Apple’s best year in India as its iPhone shipments increased massively that year compared to the previous year. In September 2020, Apple launched its online store in India to enhance its online sales. With the rise in total iPhone shipments in India in 2021, Apple’s market share stood at 4.4% that year, compared to 2.4% in 2020. [Source: Statista]iPhone shipments in India in 2020 and 20215. iPhone’s revenue increased by 35% YoY to $196 billion in 2021, making up 44% of total global smartphone revenue that year. The average selling price of 5G smartphones increased by 12% YOY in 2021 due to the global increase in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic period. As a result, the demand for iPhones 12 and 13 grew, resulting in a 14% increase in their average selling price. This accounted for the iPhone’s total revenue of $196 billion in 2021. [Source: Counter Point] 6. The iPhone11 range accounted for 64% of its total US sales in Q3 2020, making it the best-selling smartphone of that quarter. The best-selling iPhone 11 range consisted of iPhone 11 Pro, Max and iPhone 11 SE (2020). The SE model attracted more customers during the Covid-19 pandemic due to its affordable price point. iPhone 11 SE and iPhone 11 together accounted for over 50% of total US sales in Q3 2020. Around one-third of customers chose iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max, collectively making iPhone 11 the biggest single model that sold well then. [Source: Gadgets 360] 7. Out of all the models the iPhone has launched so far, iPhone 6 is the most sold model worldwide. iPhone 6 is the most used and highest-selling model by Apple. It was launched in 2014 in two variants – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Pro. Approximately 224 million units of these two variants have been sold worldwide. In fact, after Nokia 1100, iPhone 6 is the second best-selling electronic device (in mobile phones) so far. [Source: Wikipedia] 8. In April 2021, iPhone 12 crossed 100 million unit sales two months earlier than the iPhone 11. Just within seven months of its launch, iPhone 12 was able to sell over 100 million units globally in April 2021, as per Counterpoint’s Research. iPhone 12 was able to surpass this 100 million unit sales mark two months earlier than the iPhone 11 and almost the same time as the iPhone 6 series. From the US alone, around 40% of iPhone 12 Pro Max sales were recorded in 2021. [Source: 9to5 Mac]iPhone 12 sales in April 2021

iPhone Users Statistics – Behavior & Demographics

Ever wondered how many Apple users there are? Check out iPhone users’ statistics worldwide to understand their demographics and behavior: 9. The latest Piper Sandler survey shows that approximately nine out of ten US teens own/prefer iPhone over any other smartphone. Piper Sandler recently surveyed over 7,000 US teens to show that Millennial or Gen Z love the iPhone over other smartphones. According to the survey results, 88% of the tested population owns an iPhone. Also, 90% of them prefer to choose the iPhone again as their next phone. [Source: 9to5 Mac]Teen iPhone ownership stats10. According to Mobile Ecosystem’s 2019 survey, the majority of iPhone users are female (around 51%). As compared to other prominent mobile brands like Samsung, Huawei, etc., (where the majority of users are male, as per the survey), Apple was the only brand having the majority of female users over males. [Source: Statista] 11. The share of iPhone users in the US increased in 2021 to 46.9%, compared to previous years. Currently, the US has more than 113 million iPhone users, which makes up around 47% of the total US population accessing smartphones (around 300 million people). Since 2009, the iPhone has sold over 1.5 billion units worldwide, and the US is one of its major markets. [Source: Statista]Share of iPhone users in US in 2021 exif remove12. At the end of 2020, around 10% of iPhone users worldwide also owned an apple watch; in the US alone, this percentage was about 35%. Cyberart analysis suggests that only a small fraction of iPhone users currently prefer an apple watch. However, this percentage can increase massively if the company opens it up to non-iPhone users. Cyberart also believes that if even for one day, only 35% of iPhone users worldwide (same adoption percentage in the US) wear an Apple watch, its installed base would exceed around 350 million users (2.5 times higher than the current installed base). [Source: MacRumors] 13. According to ComSquare research, the majority of iPhone users have a median income of $85,000 annually compared to the $61,000 average income of android users. As the latest iPhone variants belong to high price points, the majority of iPhone users are high-income earners, with a median income of around $85,000/year or more. However, in the case of Android users, the median income is relatively low and approximately $61,000 annually. [Source: ComSquare]Median income of iPhone users vs android user14. Despite its premium price points, Apple brings around 20 to 30 million new iPhone users every year. At the end of 2020, iPhone users successfully achieved the one billion mark. However, in the last few years (2-3 years), most users prefer iPhone upgradation instead of purchasing a new iPhone model, resulting in a continuous decline in the new users’ sales. Still, every year, the company brings 20-30 million new users on average. These new users are generally loyal customers of the Apple brand and prime candidates for its other services. [Source: Above Avalon]

How Much Money Does Apple Make A Year? [Annual Revenue & Market Share]

15. Apple generated $365.82 billion in total global sales revenue in FY 2021, surpassing the historical record of $274.52 billion in 2020. With the latest technology and innovation, Apple has constantly worked on its product lines – mac, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, etc. All these products collectively contributed to Apple’s drastic growth over the years. The demand for 5G-enabled iPhones (iPhone 12 and 13) and other apple services increased in 2021. With this, the total global sales revenue grew massively and surpassed the historical global sales revenue of $274.52 billion in FY 2020. [Source: Statista] 16. Apple witnessed the highest net income to date – $94.68 billion in 2021. In 2018, Apple recorded the highest net income of $59.53 billion, which was later surpassed in 2021 with the all-time high record of $94.68 billion. The iPhone contributed the most to Apple’s highest net income (around 60%). In Q1, 2019, iPhone generated around $52 billion in total sales alone. The other products and services of Apple, like Mac, iCloud, iTunes Store, etc., collectively make up for the rest of the revenue generated by the company. [Source: Statista]iPhone worldwide sales in 201517. America is the most profitable country for the Apple brand, responsible for most of its revenue. The majority of Apple’s revenue comes from America, followed by other countries like Europe, Greater China, Japan, etc. In Q2 2021, Apple generated 38% of its total quarter revenue (around $34.31 billion) from America alone. While in Q1, 2021, the total revenue generated by Apple in America was $46.31 billion. After America, Europe is the second biggest market for Apple, contributing around 24% of its Q2, 2021 total revenue. Among the Asian countries, Greater China earned the largest revenue and contributed 20% of Apple’s Q2, 2021 revenue. [Source: Business Quant] 18. The current market capitalization of Apple is around $2.129 Trillion, making it World’s second most valuable company. In 2018, Apple became the first tech company to surpass the one trillion dollar market cap. In 2021, Apple’s market cap doubled, making around $2.129 trillion. After Saudi Aramco (with a current market cap of $2.14 trillion), Apple ranks second as the World’s most valuable company. The current market cap of Apple is more than the GDP of 216 countries (whose annual GDP is $2.08 trillion or less), except for countries like the US, China, India, Germany and Japan. [Source: CompaniesMarketCap, Investopedia] 19. After launching the iPhone 13, Apple’s market share in the US premium smartphone segment grew by 67% QoQ in 2021. In Q3, 2021, Apple had 47% of the US smartphone market share, which grew to 56% in Q4, 2021, primarily because of iPhone 13. After the launch, Apple witnessed 19% YoY growth in the US, and its market share jumped from 40% in Q3 2020 to 47% in Q3 2021. [Source: CounterPoint Research]Apples market share in the US smartphone market-2020 to 202120. The current stock price of Apple is $131.56 per share, which in 2001 was around $0.3 per share. After the company went public in 1980, Apple’s stock split several times. However, if you notice the growth of Apple’s single share in 2021 from 2001, it is incredibly huge. On Jan 28, 2001, after adjusting for splits, Apple’s shares were trading at $0.3 per share, which on Jan 28, 2021, closed at $137.09/share. It means in the last 20 years, the price of Apple stock skyrocketed by a 45,697.7% increase. However, the current share price is slightly lower than Jan 2021; investors are still making a huge profit on their early investments. [Source: CultofMac] 21. At the end of March 2022, Apple recorded cash on hand balance of around $51.511 billion, with a 26.24% decline YoY. For those who don’t know, Cash on Hand is generally the cash deposit at financial institutes to be immediately withdrawn at any given time (or during the crisis) and other investments that get matured in a year or less. In the case of Apple, the cash on hand balance has been continuously dipping for the past few years. In 2019, it was around $100.557 billion, which further decreased to $90.943 billion in 2020 and $62.639 billion in 2021. As the cash on hand balance continuously dips, the pace of Apple share retirement can also decrease. [Source: Macrotrends, The Street] 22. In Q1 2022, over 12.1 million units of iPads were sold worldwide, accounting for 6% of Apple’s total revenue for that quarter. The iPad QoQ sales increased in the past few years due to the high demand for the “work from home” model after the Covid-19 pandemic. In Q1, 2020, Apple sold around 7.7 million iPad units which increased to 12.9 million units in Q1, 2021 and 12.1 million units in Q1, 2022. The total sales of iPad in Q1, 2022 accounted for approximately six percent of Apple’s revenue generated for that quarter. [Source: Statista]Total iPad sales in Q1 202223. The Apple Watch was launched in 2015, and in December 2020, it surpassed the 100 million mark. After launching the Apple watch in 2015 and its variants in the past few years, the company never really revealed how much the Apple Watch had been sold so far worldwide. However, according to the Above Avalon analyst Neil Cybart’s estimate, around 100 million Apple Watches (with advanced fitness and health tracking features) have been activated so far. In 2019, the company shipped around 28.4 million Apple watches worldwide; in 2020, the shipments increased to 33.9 million. So collectively, from 2015 till now, the number has surpassed the 100 million mark on average. [Source: MacWorld, Statista] 24. Apple launched its most popular accessory – Airpods, in September 2016 and witnessed over 100 million unit sales by 2020. Apple launched its first-generation Airpods on September 7, 2016, and its third-generation version is currently ruling the market. In 2017, Apple witnessed the sale of 14-16 million Airpods worldwide, which doubled in 2018, accounting for 35 million unit sales. In 2019, Airpods sales reached 60 million units. During the holiday quarter of 2021, over 27 million pairs of Airpods’ latest version (third-generation) have been sold, making a total of 90 million units sold for that quarter. [Source: Wikipedia, CNBC]Apple airpods sales in 202025. In Q4, 2020, Apple TV has sold over 4.3 million units worldwide with a 14% YoY and 33% QoQ growth. While Amazon has become the leading player in the connected TV device market (with over 13.2 million units sold worldwide in Q4, 2020), Apple TV had a 4% market share during that period. In Q4, 2019, around 3.8 million units of Apple TV were sold, which increased to 4.3 million units in Q4, 2020. [Source: AppleWorld]


With its diversified range of products, Apple has become the market leader in technology and surpassed the $2 trillion market cap. With these latest Apple Sales Statistics, we can predict that the brand will soon exceed the $3 trillion market cap. The top shareholders of Apple Inc are Arthur Levinson, Tim Cook and Jeff Williams. According to Tim Cook, Apple will soon test the market with some of its new products. It will be interesting to see how the Apple brand grows in the upcoming years with its upcoming products in the line. Sources:

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