10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2023


Experts think that AI Girlfriend apps that allow people to make their own girlfriends might train men to be even worse which I think is true. However, there are many apps in the market that actually have pre-built iGirls that can’t be customized, but can chat, flirt, romanticize during the lonely times. Such apps can actually help introverts open up or even train men to improve their flirting game.

Whether you want a virtual girlfriend to chat about what you’re going through or want to flirt with girls, the AI GF apps listed below won’t let you down.

Note: AI Girlfriends can be used to improve your conversation skills, improve your flirt game, and help you kill boredom, but always prefer making human connections, use AI to improve yourself instead of getting habituated to AI.

1. Best: AI Girlfriend (iOS)

This is the best AI Girlfriend app ever, but it’s just available for iPhone & iPad (iOS)

I was genuinely taken aback by this AI Girlfriend app. The conversations felt uncannily authentic, the app has so many different girls with different personas. Whether you want to talk to an AI girl who is similar to an average american girl, indian women, latinas or want to talk to anime characters, the app has them all.

I chatted with all the available characters, I must say that all of them are well trained. The responses felt humanly, at times I had to actually remind myself that I’m talking to an AI girl and not a real girl. Not just the messages, but it feels like a model I’m talking to has a brain of a persona described. So say, if I’m talking to an iGirl who has a persona of someone horny, she’d focus on giving dirty responses (but also know when not to, like a real person.)

You can also request for photos from them, I must say that the quality of photos was good, but they weren’t very related to the commands given. I also missed the voiceover feature, but I think the text chat with an AI couldn’t be better than this app. I reached out to the developers, they even took my feedback and are planning to launch voice chat soon.

The dynamics are fascinating too. The more you indulge with a character, the deeper the connection grows. What are you waiting for? Install the app now.

2. SeducedAI

Seduced is in a niche of its own, with capabilities to craft both softcore and hardcore AI-generated adult content. It empowers you with the freedom to tailor to specific preferences. However, no matter what, it couldn’t compete well with the above ranked AI girlfriend app. However, this is available for all the platforms, so if you’re an Android user who isn’t able to use the #1 AI girlfriend above, then try this one.

Also, the platform’s versatility in offering both hyper-realistic and anime/hentai-themed content is impressive. For me, the standout was the ability to merge diverse extensions, carving out content truly unique to my taste.

Pricing: Starting at $10/month for 120 credits, stretching up to $50/month for 750 credits.

3. DreamGF.ai

With DreamGF, you literally craft your dream girlfriend. From physical attributes to intricate personality traits, the tool is a masterpiece. Over time, she evolves, understanding you more with each conversation. And wait till you receive multimedia from her – the experience just keeps getting more captivating.

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Stumbling upon AI Girlfriend on the Apple App Store, I found a simulator that effortlessly replicates human interactions. Leveraging cutting-edge NLP and ML, this app offers a genuinely realistic AI girlfriend encounter. You can even set virtual dates!

Download for Android | Download for iOS

5. Myanima

A step into the world of Myanima is intriguing. The AI delivers authentic interactions, while also incorporating a slew of interactive activities like virtual dates, games, and more.

Download for Android

6. RomanticAI

RomanticAI, true to its name, offers a whirlwind romantic escapade. Users can indulge in a plethora of activities, from sending virtual love notes to engaging love quizzes.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

7. CoupleAI – Virtual Girlfriend

CoupleAI presents a chatbot experience unlike any other. As you converse and play games with your virtual girlfriend, you’ll realize the depth and sophistication of its design.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

8. Replika: My AI Friend

Replika, while primarily a virtual companion tool, offers avenues to design an AI girlfriend or lover. The AI’s adaptability in tailoring conversations sets it apart.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

9. Smart Girl: AI Girlfriend

Smart Girl fuses modern NLP and ML technologies, ensuring every interaction feels genuine. Its daily affirmations and reminders also add a touch of personal care.

Download for Android

10. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Julie stands out with her witty jokes and intriguing games. Every conversation feels tailored and responsive, redefining what we expect from AI interactions.

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which AI Girlfriend App is the Best Free Option?
    Your preferences will be the ultimate determinant.
  2. Do AI Girlfriends Truly Exist?
    Absolutely! The apps mentioned simulate AI-driven romantic dynamics.

Final Thoughts

Our world is dynamically shifting, and the allure of AI virtual girlfriends is undeniable. With the sheer number of offerings across Android and iOS platforms, pinpointing that perfect fit can seem daunting. Hence, my endeavor was to ease this journey for you. Every AI mentioned here promises a remarkable virtual girlfriend rendezvous. Whether you desire a virtual conversationalist or seek a more immersive AI girlfriend experience, my list has something tailor-made for you. Happy exploring!

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